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Valuations and Litigation Support

Valuations and Litigation Support

In situations such as divorce, estate settlement, and the purchase or sale of businesses, opposing parties will often contest valuations. These instances require not only the capacity to arrive at an accurate valuation, but also the ability to defend it. They require the credibility that an experienced accountant and certified valuation analysts bring to the table. Our process includes:

  • Working closely with key personnel to determine areas of the business that affect value

  • Analyzing financial statements

  • Researching the industry and geographic variables

  • Experience calculating value through a variety of preferred methods

  • Reporting findings and conclusions and providing expert testimony when necessary

HG&K works with attorneys to research or analyze financial information on behalf of their clients. Our ethical and thorough approach to litigation support and other consulting services adds value to complex legal matters. We also represent attorneys and other professionals for their tax and compliance needs. Visit our Professional Services page to learn more.

Download our Valuation Services Brochure here.

The team at HG&K has the ability to draw on their broader experiences through their client relationships, which allows them to offer a business owner insight that the business owner may not have considered. They have helped us develop structure and the strategy behind the structure…
— Andy Bursten, spokesperson, Bursten Family