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The people at HG&K have spent considerable time building client relationships and their careers. You will find valuation services, QuickBooks® Pro Advisors, accountants who focus just on nonprofit organizations, estate financial planning and services for every phase of business — from start-up to sale or succession planning. Our team and staff longevity are unparalleled in a very competitive industry, which means you gain consistent service and the benefit of our experience over more than 40 years. If you’re not happy with the current level of service from your CPA, contact us for a Business Physical to discover new financial solutions.

Our Vision
HG&K will serve its community by attracting and retaining exceptional employees and successful clients, and by utilizing the best available resources. We strive to create value in every engagement and to enhance client success by providing leadership and timely communication.  This is accomplished by developing close relationships with our clients and identifying and grooming emerging leaders. We will create an environment for staff to grow and learn with the expectation of advancing firm knowledge while creating and maintaining a professional environment that is fun to work in.

Our Mission
HG&K’s mission is to create value for our clients and to enhance their business performance, to develop the skills of all firm members and to promote a firm marketing environment by:

  • Providing timely, professional and personal services. 

  • Translating our expertise into progressive solutions for a successful and diversified client base.  

  • Committing time and resources for professional staff to obtain necessary training that achieves and maintains the highest core competencies.

  • Developing and maintaining solid relationships with clients, employees and community members. 

  • Encouraging involvement in civic, community and professional organizations by partners and staff. 

  • Growing, but never losing our local identity and our personal relationships with the clients that are the foundation of our practice.

Our History
HG&K firmly believes in quality over volume, serving clients over more than 40 years who have repeatedly referred us to their family and colleagues. This makes our culture feel personal because we have the history and context with clients to ask thoughtful questions and make a real difference. This may include ways to lower taxes for their businesses or a new method of financial reporting to save money on administration. Our staff retention is also high, so you never need to worry about who will work on your taxes or audit next year.

We know that you could choose from a number of CPA firms in Minnesota, but we’re confident that HG&K’s experienced accountants and consulting services offer the best of personal attention and knowledge that you need for business and personal success. Our legacy is results.